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Socrates – narrow rationalism

Socrates’ whole idea is that the important thing is rational thought, being logical, and that knowledge achieves ethics, even that rationalistic thought transports the philosopher to heaven. It is an enormity of rationalistic narrow-mindedness and limitation. It has only to do with the rationalistic thought element of human consciousness. It neglects what else is in man and in his life. Philosophy for me should be about the darkness and mystery…

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The Philosophy of Academia is not Wisdom, part 4.

REASON IN ANCIENT GREECE This may be a popular version of the History of Philosophy but here it is: Reason, I have read, was synonymous in ancient Greece with Logic, Argument, Thought and Philosophy, and that it hasn’t always been with us.  The Classicists tell us that the pre-Socratic philosophers started it, in the Western world at least, in about 580 BC.  (from here and here, and one or two…