Philosophy Anti-Philosophy Plato

Plato 1: What precisely were his Forms?

Plato, like all the philosophers who followed him, was an example of human insensibility to human life, of reductionism of human life  and of the sensory experience that forms our lives, of severe abstractionism and generalization. These terms I have used in the above paragraph come straight from F.R. Leavis.  I don’t even understand them completely but they are the closest I have yet found to expressing my exasperation with…

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Philosophy Anti-Philosophy Leavis

What’s Wrong with Philosophy? 2: It lacks sensibility to human life. 

Wisdom should be about human life, but human life is something that philosophers have the wrong kind of minds for. Philosophy lacks ‘human sensibility to human life’.  It lacks that particular human faculty of feeling for human matters.  What it has always offered is logic, maths and science, which aren’t the appropriate mental methodologies for the knowing of human life.  Philosophers do a  reductionism on human life until it isn’t…

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