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Bertrand Russell 4, separating language into its logical elements

Fourthly, here is a summary of Russell’s effort to render language down into its atoms of meaning — his ‘logical atomism’ or ‘logical analysis’.  As I understand it, this was done to solve many of the problems of philosophy which had been caused, according to BR, by the failure to unravel the elements of meaning that statements are made of.  This became the basis of the new ‘analytic philosophy’ that…

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Anti-Philosophy Plato

Plato: Muddled meaning of his Forms

Plato is most famous for his Forms but what exactly he meant by them is confusing.  He wasn’t constant in what he meant.  It  took me a lot of reading to get to this amazing fact that Plato himself differed in what he meant by his Forms.   Wikipedia  tells us that what Plato meant by his ‘Form’ differed between his many Dialogues, and in some respects he never fully…

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Anti-Philosophy History of Philosophy

‘Philosophy’ has always been bunk, 7: Socrates and onward

I was amazed by Socrates the first time I came across him, sitting in the empty market-place before breakfast with people gathered round him, and drawing them out with his quizzing.  He asked questions like: What is Courage? What is Virtue? What is Duty? and then asked his listeners one by one to speak  up with their examples of each.  Their examples were often contradictory to the definitions they had…

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