Anti-Natalism Philosophy

Benatar’s ‘Anti-Natalism’ is philosophers’ logicking, not Wisdom on Life.

I have always had a distant image of philosopher David Benatar as having a lot to contend with in a difficult place at a difficult time.  I came across one of his actual ideas by chance on the Web.  And in what I write below, I base myself on what I find on the Web (here, here and here; and for personal flavour, here,  here and here.) DB begins by…

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Counter-philosophy Philosophy

The Philosophy of Academia is not Wisdom, part 1.

PHILOSOPHY USES THE WRONG METHODS FOR ‘WISDOM’  Philosophy has for my taste always been pseudo-philosophy, since it began in about 580 BC.  It has been an expression of minds that lack that special intelligence and capacity for understanding that human beings have been blessed with   Philosophers either lack it or leave it disregarded and fallow. The birth of philosophy was in some ways a massive regression from the wisdom…