Philosophy Anti-Philosophy Descartes

Descartes 1: schoolboy-level philosophizing, the Cogito.

Let me jump to about 1637 AD for another example of the pottiness of Philosophy:  ‘Cogito ergo Sum’ – ‘I think, therefore I am’ – wrote Descartes.    Descartes couldn’t convince himself he existed till it occurred to him that he was thinking!  Therefore he must exist!  Did he really think as an adult person that he couldn’t believe he existed until the logic of words proved it?   He later  changed…

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Philosophy Anti-Philosophy Logic

What’s Wrong with Philosophy? 1: it’s just verbal logicking

What defines the philosopher is firstly his commitment to logicking with words as the path to Wisdom; and secondly, a lack of Human Sensibility to Human Life (which I shall go into in my next post.)  These are the two concepts that are the nearest I have yet got to understanding my exasperation with Philosophy.  Philosophers have another kind of mind, directed towards logicking and even mathematicking.  Philosophy consists of problems…

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