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Counter-philosophy Philosophy

Descartes’ ontological dualism is just obvious and unproblematic

Another great concern of Descartes was that some things were material; and others, such as the human mind and God, were spiritual.  This was his ‘ontological dualism’.  It was the one fraction of his thought that later philosophers weren’t impressed by.   Yet, to me, it is obvious and unproblematic that the brain is material and resides in the skull, and that the mind which consists of feelings, thoughts, dreams, nostalgias,…

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Descartes’ schoolboy-level philosophizing – Cogito and God

Let me jump to about 1637 AD for a further example of the pottiness of Philosophy:  ‘Cogito ergo sum’, ‘I think, therefore I am’, wrote Descartes.  This is thinking that ranks with that of Parmenides’ Ontology (from here ) in its pottiness.  Descartes couldn’t convince himself he existed till it occurred to him that he was thinking! therefore he must exist!  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!   Actually it wasn’t even that he…

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Counter-philosophy Philosophy

The Philosophy of Academia is not Wisdom, part 2

Wisdom is learning about oneself and about Adam and Eve.  It is not some kind of objective knowledge arrived at by logic, mathematics or science, that can be argued, and demonstrated to other people for them to agree with, and that students can write down in their lectures. Some people are satisfied that they have gained Wisdom by sitting in class and writing down the science that other people have…

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Structuralism Linguistics Philosophy

Saussure’s Structuralist Linguistics

I think that what Saussure’s Structuralism amounts to is the amazing discovery that a word is itself and not other words! also that other words are not only different in  their sounds but in their meanings!  And that the meaning of the initial word is based on these differences from other words!  Brilliant! Brilliant!  Brilliant! That’s Structuralism! Also he said that you have to put words in the right order…

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Anti-Natalism Philosophy

Benatar’s ‘Anti-Natalism’ is philosophers’ logicking, not Wisdom on Life.

I have always had a distant image of philosopher David Benatar as having a lot to contend with in a difficult place at a difficult time.  I came across one of his actual ideas by chance on the Web.  And in what I write below, I base myself on what I find on the Web (here, here and here; and for personal flavour, here,  here and here.) DB begins by…

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Counter-philosophy Philosophy

The Philosophy of Academia is not Wisdom, part 4.

REASON IN ANCIENT GREECE This may be a popular version of the History of Philosophy but here it is: Reason, I have read, was synonymous in ancient Greece with Logic, Argument, Thought and Philosophy, and that it hasn’t always been with us.  The Classicists tell us that the pre-Socratic philosophers started it, in the Western world at least, in about 580 BC.  (from here and here, and one or two…